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Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Service

Annual amount of EPS disposed at landfills in Hong Kong*



*Figures are based on HKSAR Environmental Protection Department’s Waste Statistics for 2019

EPS sent to landfills everyday in Hong Kong*



Annual amount of EPS recovered and exported*



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A revolutionary environmental technology tailored to tackle White Pollution all over the world!

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Ultimo Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Service

WIT is an EPS recycling service provider. We recycle all types of EPS waste, in whatever size, shape, form and condition.

We accept EPS waste that have been served as disposable food containers, fresh fish containers, vegetable containers and other packaging fillers.

Our professional team is ready to meet clients to understand their recycling needs and design a customized service plan that can help lower their operation cost so as to stay competitive in the industry. We provide an all-rounded service from waste recycling management to hardware support.

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In person consultation

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Tailor made service plan

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Special designed collection trolley

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Year-round hardware support

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On-demand collection service

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About WIT

WIT Holdings Limited (WIT) is a Hong Kong based research and development company, focusing on environmental technology applications in solid waste management. Since 2004, we have offered solutions to different business sectors, aiming to bring in cost effective and efficient ways in tackling waste problem and turning waste into high value products and promoting a greener way to run a business.


We are a member of Lo’s Group.

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