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Turning Waste into Wanted High Value Products

WIT Holdings Ltd (WIT) focuses on the research, development and application of innovative approaches in solid waste management. Our experienced management and team of professional scientists specialising in research and development is perfectly complemented by a fully equipped state-of-the-art plant with proprietary equipment and facilities enabling leading-edge R&D.


WIT Holdings Ltd’s waste integrated technologies (WIT) platform offer a one-stop solution for treatment of municipal solid waste. Zero secondary pollution is our goal. The process of waste collection and classification for recycling and subsequently producing a series of high value-added products is an ideal of way of recycling waste. The WIT technology platform consists of several key proprietary technologies including waste sorting technology (WST), ITAD liquid thermophilic aerobic digestion technology, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), plastic pyrolysis and other recycling technologies. We convert wastes into a series of high value added products advancing towards the goal of “Zero Waste” and preserving a green environment.

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