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Organic Fertilizer Technology

Innovative Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Technology (ITAD)

ITAD technology transforms the organic portion of the waste into highly effective organic fertilizers, i.e. Fertilife ™ organic fertilizers and soil nutrients, which will lead to a fundamental change in organic agriculture because of the high performance and low cost. These end products from the liquefied thermophilic biological fermentation are widely applicable to agriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscaping. Fertilife ™ organic fertilizers can restore the fertility of compacted and hardened soil caused by long-term over-usage of chemical fertilizers.​

Long-term and widespread usage of Fertilife ™ organic fertilizers can also boost the ecological balance and serve as a catalyst to revitalize the earth and restore a beautiful green planet leading to more sustainable development and a healthy and beautiful environment for future generations.

The WIT platform is a one-stop solution for the increasingly mounting problem of MSW. We look forward to closer collaboration with individuals and an ever-widening scope of organizations such as corporations, governments and investors with a view to promoting sustainable development and creating and encouraging best practices that protect the environment.

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