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A revolutionary environmental technology tailored to tackle the White Pollution all over the world!

What is Ultimo Technology™?

Ultimo Technology™ is a patented technology in the plastic waste treatment field, targeting the degradation of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. The whole degradation process is eco-friendly, and can convert EPS back to Polystyrene (PS) raw materials at 99.8% purity for manufacturing other plastic products. The process for degrading a normal size EPS container (about 19’’ x 14’’ x 15’’) takes just 40 seconds! 

Why Ultimo Technology™?

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Speedy degradation

Ultimo Technology™ possesses supreme power for EPS degradation. The Speedy Degradation System can process over 50kg of EPS in an hour, which equals to approx. 200 wet market EPS containers. It takes only 40 seconds to degrade one wet market EPS container.


Eco-friendly system

The degradation system is connected to deodorizers to eliminate any vaporized substances generated by the EPS degradation, which avoids any potential impacts to neighborhoods.



Smart Filter System

Plastic labels and tapes attached to EPS containers and other oil and stains that come with any EPS container are not required to be removed prior to feeding into the Degradation System because the Smart Filter System can filter out these items.



Purification System

The purification system cleanses the Ultimo Solvent and circulates it back to the Degradation System for reuse. The degraded EPS is extracted here for refining into PS raw materials. The whole system is concealed and energy efficient, lowering carbon emission to the environment.



High Purity Polystyrene Regeneration

The PS raw materials generated by the purification system has purity reaching 99.8%. This high efficiency reduces unnecessary refining or processing of PS material by intermediaries, which helps to further reduce carbon footprint.

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Our green technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also can help alleviate the burden of our nearly over capacitating landfills!


Interest in our Ultimo Technology™?

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